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Headquarters COVID-19 Summary

In the National Capital Region (NCR), the Department is currently in Phase 2 of the DOE Headquarters COVID-19 Return to the Federal Workplace Plan, which is aligned to the overarching DOE COVID-19 Return to Work Framework. There is no specific date for the start of Phase 3 for DOE Headquarters. In Phase 3, temporary increased flexibilities成人视频app will be available to Federal employees based on current conditions in the NCR to address appropriate COVID-19 related challenges and concerns, such as schooling, dependent care, and CDC-identified vulnerabilities. 

成人视频appFor information about reopening specific Labs, Plants and Sites, please consult their respective websites.

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Message from Leadership

Secretary Brouillette Addresses The Workforce


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Frequently Asked Question's at the Department of Energy during COVID-19.

Employee Assistance Program

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The safe return of DOE employees to the workplace is the goal. Resources are available for employees with concerns or questions.

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National Labs In The Fight

成人视频app#NatLabsInTheFight against COVID-19. Read about our work.

Additional Resources

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Additional Resources provided by other agencies on school closures, travel guidance, and other COVID-19 topics.

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