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The History of the Electric Car
Travel back in time with us as we explore the history of the electric vehicle.
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成人视频appVehicles, and the fuel it takes to power them, are an essential part of our American infrastructure and economy, moving people and goods across the country. 

成人视频appFrom funding research into technologies that will save Americans money at the pump to increasing the fuel economy of gasoline-powered vehicles to encouraging the development and deployment of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, the Energy Department is committed to providing consumers with a full range of vehicle choices while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing impacts on the environment.

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles -- including improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs.
U.S. Department of Energy
Fuel cell vehicles run on hydrogen gas rather than gasoline and emit only water. 
Watch this video to learn key stats about fuel cell vehicles. 
U.S. Department of Energy


Link to Find and Compare Cars new
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Our gas mileage tips can help you reduce the amount of gas you use.
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The eGallon price is calculated using the most recently available state by state residential electricity prices. The state gasoline price above is either the statewide average retail price or a multi-state regional average price reported by EIA. The latest gasoline pricing data is available on EIA’s webpage. Find out more at
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Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Using alternative fuels helps the U.S. cut oil consumption and reduce emissions. Learn how the DOE is driving innovation in alternative fuel vehicles.
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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
Fuel cells use the energy from hydrogen in a highly efficient way -- with only water and heat as byproducts.
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Learn about the Energy Department's innovative research and development in different energy storage options.
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Learn how the Energy Department is working to sustainably transform the nation's abundant renewable resources into biomass energy.
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